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60 min. Royal Thai Massage


Traditionally preformed by Monks in Thailand, this massage is a combination of a natural herbal treatment, heat therapy, massage, and aromatherapy. This therapeutic treatment is done in a traditional way using a hot poultice imported from Thailand. The poultice is muslin ball filled with an herbal blend consisting of turmeric, lemon grass, kaffur leaves, patchouli, camphor and others. These herbs are activated when heated and used on the body to alleviate muscle pain and inflammation and bring heat to the muscles to induce relaxation. Lastly, the poultice will be wrapped for you to take home for use between your professional treatments.




Please note: A 6.875% Sales Tax will be applied to the Massage portion only on any services that include a massage.

Direct from Italy and the only spa in the United States to be so uniquely equipped Avanti introduces the Z-1 massage table. Imagine yourself lying in the warm waters of a tropical sea while you receive a relaxing massage; intermittent waves rolling beneath from you from head to toe. Chromotherapy, or color therapy, submerged in the water is used to balance physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Come experience the Z-1with the touch of our highly trained and experienced body therapists. Our massages are available for 30, 50, or 80 minutes and you may tailor your experience with an enhancement of your choice.