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60 min. Sea of Senses


Come escape to a world where gravity does not exist, and the mind is rendered worry- free. These lavish wraps are performed on a special floatation bed that suspends your body in warm, comforting water while you stay totally dry. This is an exquisite womb-like feeling which allows your body to slip into natural alignment. A submerged lighting system, chromo therapy, and underwater hydro-jets providing a soothing lymphatic drainage massage, completely relaxes you as your body absorbs the healing benefits of your chosen treatment. Each ritual includes a full body exfoliation massage followed by a rinse/steam in our standing Vichy Shower and ends in our exclusive multi-sensory floatation massage bed.

Choose one of the following to be deeply absorbed into your skin during your treatment:
Butter Cream Melt: goat butter, primrose, olive, castor, wheat germ oil
Primrose Cocoon: crème, evening primrose oil, macadamia, wheat germ